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Date Created:2006-04-02
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charmed310 is an avid reader and writer of slashfic in the Harry Potter fandom. She enjoys biting, riding horses, being with her close friends and talking in a British accent. She is most comfortable in her small-island habitat but enjoys travelling elsewhere.
Strengths: Friendly, honest, can recognise most songs by the first three notes or less, cleaning
Weaknesses: Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, chocolate, slash fiction with Harry and Draco, shopping
Special Skills: Swearing, arranging things in order of size and shape (sometimes colour), handling large animals e.g. horses
Weapons: 14" Redwood wand containing the essence of a Siren's eyelash, sharp tongue, spurs and a multitude of keychains
Natural Enemies: Small children, cockaroaches, ants, clusters

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I've got a little dude here... I called him Draco because he was the most ferret like of the adoption animals... he enjoys spins in his wheel and the occasional strawberry.

my pet!

My one-shot, As October Dies is featured at The Petulant Poetess this month (May 2007). A story I wrote for Hallowe'en 2006 in memory of Lily and James Potter on the 25th anniverary of their deaths. Yeah, it sounds a little darque, but go have a read :)